Come and Follow Me

Created en 2010
Private collection
Dimensions: 8 in x 6 in x 18 ft
Material: cotton, flexible and firm batting, poles.

Heart of the story


In 2008, while she assisted her first Montreal quilt show, Dominique observed the visitors. The emotion showing of their faces and their awe in front of all these quilted treasures seduces her. These feelings of the fiber artist are the first step leading to the main idea behind this installation : she wants to seize the spectators, reach them on an unprecedented level and invite them to get in touch with the heart of the quilt.

To help shape her project and feed her imagination, Dominique uses children story books and her love of nature. She first made a 1/6 model, followed by a real-size model. These models allowed her to confirm the aesthetic and visual effect before developing the patterns and mechanisms.  

A great challenge

The level of complexity required the creation of new techniques to allow a character to walk into the story. The different layers used will help connect to the piece and will let the spectators discover all the details. The backing of the parts are the results of traditional “Nelson’s Victory” styled blocks. To honor part of the traditional quilt techniques, Dominique used old quilts for her setting elements and used rail fence for the main backing that she placed based on her creativity to add her own flavor.

Each element of the quilt is united to form one and only great sculpture. There is no stiff frame. On the back of the quilt, there’s a standard sleeve and on the front, a series of sleeves. This allows the quilt to be hanged or supported by poles.

Come and follow me required of the fiber artist 2 years of production and approximately 1,000 hours of work.