Kinetic Quilt

Created in 2015-2016
Collection of Highfield Hall & Gardens in Falmouth, Massachusetts
Dimensions: 56 in x 56 in x 8 ft
Material: awning fabric, UV thread, floating floor, underfloor, carpet, metal, bearing, aluminum.

Outdoor installation through the summer 2016 & 2017

Story behind Kinetic Quilt

While she was traveling in New Mexico, Dominique saw little garden metal windmills. A sudden craving seize her: could she make one out of... quilt?

A studied conception

She started sketching again and again. Since Dominique had a clear vision of how her Kinetic Quilt should look like, the plan was grandly complexified. When the designs dressing the mill palms would slightly overlay (about 3"), they shall create the illusion of a complete quilt. She draws and assembles a couple of paper models to test the aesthetic in movement. The fiber artist finally opts for a bilateral piece: one side traditional and the other, contemporary.

Assembling a complete paper model allowed her to study how her Kinetic Quilt react to the wind. Not only she reassessed her aesthetic choice, she also embodied the art piece mechanism which rotates on its center axis and orients to the wind.


Dominique's production is as challenge-full as the conception. She used a traditional assembling method, but she chose sunproof materials which allows the piece to stay outside under the sun. Underfloor carpet, cloth with UV protection… Kinetic Quilt demonstrate the extraordinary ability of the fiber artist to convert commercial material to serve her creation needs.