Time to Break Free

Exhibition: Highfield Hall & Gardens
Open House: June 30th 2019
Closing: October 2019

Dimensions: 14′ x 7′ x 28″
Material: Cotton, leather, wood, copper, etc.

The Steampunk Journey of Dominique Ehrmann

Dominique’s has revealed her biggest creation to this day. The 14′ long by 7′ high by 28″ large installation inspired by the steampunk art movement is exposed until October 2019 at Highfield Hall & Gardens in Massachusetts.

Early on, Dominique have been fascinated by the steampunk artistic movement. Even before knowing the name of the trend, she just loved the style. After many months of research and working to improve her drawing skills, she was able to compose ”her” story.

Here’s the story board in a few words : an unidimensional traditional quilt breaks her chains and enters the time machine that will transform it in a 3D form. There’s the heroine, an adventurer, and her companions, the wise fox transporting the fabrics, the fascinating pronghorn transporting the sewing machine and the intelligent raven taking care of the threads. Together, they form a tight and strong team. The scene takes root in the textile artist preferred universe : the forest.

The movement comes from a combination of the machine and the heroine who is pulling the traditional quilt to cause the change. On the quilt, all the characters are in the traditional form. The machine and the 3D part of the installation are more in the form of a textile, metal and wood sculpture.

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