Created in 2014
Dimensions: 39 in x 50 in
Material: cotton, re-dyed and drawing on fabrics flannel, felt, batting and needle-felted wool for the figures.

Emotions comes naturally

This piece is an illustration of what Dominique and her husband, Stephan, experience during their long stays in the woods and the mountains. Their explorations offers them a sense of calm and the impression of living life fully. The feeling they get from these moments were the artist’s source of inspiration for Serenity.

Wood pillar

Trees have been Dominique’s companions for a long time, accompanying her in her reflections and “grounding” her path. She wanted to show these sturdy and majestic perennials in all their glory. However, she just couldn’t resist inserting Stephan and herself into the scene.

The work is made up of nine sections in order to illustrate the sea of mountains that one sees upon attaining the summit of the Rocky Mountains.

Within the frame

To be able to present her mural at an exhibit, Dominique had to follow certain norms. This is why she conceived of a system of support that would be compatible with traditional quilting techniques. The artist finally chose the construction of a box. The box method blocks out surrounding light, so small lights were integrated to allow for the examination of the work from every angle.