Approaching Highfield Hall

Created in 2016-2017
Private collection
Dimensions: 30 in x 36 in x 3 in
Material: cotton, flannel, organza, wood.

Walking Landscape

In 2017, the exhibition Once Upon a Quilt took place at the Highfield Hall & Gardens. Dominique was invited as an artist in residence for a five months period. To celebrate her visit and to expand their collection, the museum orders from the fiber artist an extra piece : a 3D mural representation of the exhibition location.

The story behind the story

Built in 1878, The Highfield Hall & Gardens was the summer residence of the Beebe family, established in Boston. This patrimonial building is one of the last buildings in the Queen Anne architectural style. It was a big citizen mobilization who saved it from the demolition in 1994 and allowed it to become this rich cultural place of pilgrimage.

An inspiring order

In each creation, the fiber artist is telling a story. In this piece Approaching Highfield Hall, she imagined a stroll in its luxuriant gardens during sunny day. In the bend of a grove, the path opens in front of the dazzled visitor who discovers the magnificent main building.

3D and Trompe-l’œil

To create this piece, the fiber artist allies tridimensionals elements and 3-dimensional effect. The hundred-year-old building is represented in low relief lined surrounded with the greenery of its gardens.

Working on a wooden frame from the beginning, Dominique discovers a new king of liberty that allows the illusion of the floating elements. She also incorporates a half frame made of hundred-year-old barn wood to link this historic house and it’s story.

To manage to illustrate the real colors of the building, the fiber artist dyed the fabrics of this section. Furthermore, Dominique works extensively her seam stitching to preserve the 3-dimensional effects and the sketched angles, so creating the illusion of the third dimension.