Sweet Memories

Created in 2011-2012
Dimensions : 90 po x 75 po
Material : cotton dyed with food coloring agents, dyed cotton lace, organza, synthetic foam, pearls, buttons, drapery ropes, polyester.

Present and Past reunited by the Fiber Artist

Before her life was absorbed by the quilting world, Dominique was a professional chocolate maker and baker for 25 years. In this world of sweets, Dominique worked rigorously to keep her work impeccable. Already then, her creations for special events were more exquisite pieces of arts than cakes or chocolates.

The story of Sweet Memories came naturally to her. She needed to create a piece that emphasize her years of work in this sweet and demanding world that was always impeccable and white. To celebrate this specialty, she imagined a dream workshop full of vivid colors in a kid’s story set.

The baker holds in her hands, in a small model, the center piece where appears the chocolate factory in three dimensions. Dominique happily created links between her world and the world of Sweet Memories. The two kids, who are running between the bakers legs and that are looking through the window of the bakery, are her grandchildren. The bakery sign is the actual replica of the logo that was decorating the sweet workshop.

The fiber artist deployed all her talent to find the right materials and assemble them in this relief piece. She used paper piecing technique to create her work. The cake sashing of the central piece contains more than 1,000 pieces and the two sashing have a total count of 2,800 pieces. To preserve the candy and icing look, she dyed cotton fabrics with food coloring.

The assembly, hanged by a simple sleeve, becomes a technical feat and a magnificent piece to the fiber artiste collection that celebrates smoothly the passage of time.